Start Boosting Your Income Every Month Without Learning Some Crazy New Skill

...So you can do more of what you love, with who you love.

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With KickTap, you earn cash “kickbacks” every time you refer your friends & family to the businesses you trust the most.
Best of all? It’s Free.
100% Free. No Credit Card Required.
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Can You Imagine?

Having an extra couple hundred bucks a month... WITHOUT getting another job, or investing a ton of time or money?

Because who wants to get a second job or put energy into some new kind of training?
No one, that’s who!
Stop struggling to pay bills or make ends meet
Generate more breathing room in your budget
Spend on the FUN STUFF without tying your stomach in knots
️Have a little more of that precious time to be with your family
And what if you could have all of this by simply doing what you already do...  Sharing great referrals with friends who need them?
Because that’s exactly what the KickTap app is here to do for you.

Introducing KickTap

The free app for sharing businesses you love, with the people you love.
  • Share Deals
  • Refer Friends and Family
  • Get Paid
The KickTap app is that Smooth and Simple!
Here’s How It All Breaks Down...

With KickTap, you’ll get:

Amazing deals delivered to you, that you can quickly share
All while avoiding endless Google searches or making a single phone call
PAID for sharing these deals with friends and family who actually need these services
Finally get compensated for stuff you already do!
Direct access to all the best deals from your favorite local businesses
Saving you money in the process
A powerful business “vetting” tool
So you never have to worry about falling victim to “questionable” or “scammy” companies
KickTap University
On-demand videos to answer your questions at any time, day or night!

What Makes KickTap Different?

Simply put, there’s no other app out there that gives you instant access to specific deals you can share with the click of a button...  
and get paid doing it.

With KickTap,

This Is What Your Life Can Look Like...

Less stress and more calm
No more wondering if there’s enough “extra” in the bank or pulling over time just to make ends meet.
Buy more of the things you actually WANT
Whether that’s more travel, family fun, or fancy dinners with your sweetheart (stop putting the good stuff on hold).
Time for YOU
Oh, the possibilities, if you just had a little more free time on your calendar...
Ready To Start Earning An Extra Couple Hundred Bucks Every Month The Easy Way?
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Get started with KickTap now.

It’s FREE.


The app is 100% free to download and start earning extra income from today.

If you decide you don’t like money, you can always uninstall with a couple of clicks.
“KickTap is the secret weapon for users who want to be paid for tasks they already complete & companies who want to build the ultimate referral army."
Logan Fields, Founder of The App Guys

The Man Behind the App

Hi, I’m Hunter Ballew. I own a construction company that does 8+ figures across multiple states. I founded an organization called RoofCON that helps companies across the US scale by building a culture that attracts the right people.
So I’m no stranger to the challenges faced by referral-based businesses.

I also know the challenges faced by each of us when time and money are in short supply.

KickTap was developed to make the referral process easier and more profitable for everyone... including you.

That’s why KickTap provides cash to homeowners every time they help their favorite businesses find more people who need the awesome work that they do.

I hope you’ll join us in connecting the people you love, with the businesses you love.

And hey... It doesn’t hurt to get you paid in the process.

I’ll see you inside KickTap.
Hunter Ballew
Kicktop Author

Got Questions?

We’ve Got Answers.

  • Why would I want to download another app?

    Unlike other apps that make money off of you...  With KickTap, YOU are the one making the money.
  • Do I have to be some kind of tech or sales wizard to do this?
    Nope! Download the app, and you can start sharing deals with just a couple clicks.
  • Can I even earn enough to make this worth my time?
    We’re not interested in wasting anyone’s time. Our goal is to help you earn a couple hundred bucks a month in extra income by sharing awesome deals with the people you love.
  • Ok, what’s the catch? Is this real? Can I actually get paid to refer people to local businesses?
    Yes! Businesses are willing to share in the profits because you’re connecting them directly to people who need their help right now.
  • I need to start earning more TODAY. How long till I start getting paid?
    Start earning money as soon as you start promoting deals to friends and family who need the services!
  • Do I have to do a bunch of setup or talk to a ton of businesses to get this working?
    Not at all. Everything you need comes through the app. And if you have any questions, simply hop on over to KickTap University for on-demand videos showing you the ins-and-outs of KickTap.

Still Not Sure If KickTap Is For You?

Listen, if you’re already telling friends and family about businesses that can help them get the things done, that they actually need done...  

Then why not get paid for it?

KickTap IS for you.

Stop working for these businesses for free. Claim what’s yours and enjoy the fruits of your labor...  

All while helping the people you love most.

Get Started With KickTap Today


Download KickTap now.

It’s FREE.

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